Balut: A Delicacy That Is Foul Fowl

Balut: A Nearly-hatched Cooked Chicken Embryo Delicacy

balut, that is chicken or duck nearly developed embryo cooked in the eggshell

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It isn't even street meat in my humble opinion. This just simply looks nasty! Although it can be served in a dollop of hot sauce and often with beer both of which I love, it still does not look appealing. It is said that Balut is an aphrodisiac. Why is it that nasty, testicular-looking food items are given to the qualities of being an aphrodisiac? Balut, -oyster, etc. Okay, -I totally

agree with oysters. Oysters! Mmmm I love oysters!

OMG Yum, -NOT!


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In fairness to the pricks who eat chicks, -if it tastes good then by all means enjoy! But I'm just not that hungry and this does not do a thing for my appetite. Not even with hot sauce. These can also be eaten with balut along with combinations of lemon juice, salt. Some even prefer chili with this. The hotness of chili (e.g. hot sauce, etc.) might alter the perception that one is about to gag-down a hot moist avian embryo.

Balut Does Not Look Right. It Looks Rotted!


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A purported balance of flavor and texture notwithstanding, my first reaction remains eww! Eating these entails the diner to first first sip the bloody broth from the egg, then the still warm yolk and chicken or duckling body is eaten. The cooked egg-white is sometimes not consumed as it may have a rubbery toughness that is deemed unpalatable. Gee, -imagine that. There is something the epicureans of the delicacy deem yucky with this

Balut Isn't Kosher I'll Say That!

balut and eggshell

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Jewish people will only eat and use Kosher Standard during Passover. This entails many aspects not just clean of food (which is what Kosher means) but the having to do with the storage, handling and preparation of foods. In the case of eggs for instance, a raw egg is broken into a bowl and visually inspected for any blood drops or specs before it is cooked. If any blood is found it is not clean and the egg is discarded.

Hard boiled eggs constitute a dilemma: how does one know if an unopened egg is Kosher and free of visible blood? One cannot, so to prepare a kosher hard-boiled egg one must boil a group of no less than three eggs in the same pot. The law of averages would suggest that even if one of the three or more eggs has blood in it, the unclean amount is diluted due to the presence of other presumably acceptable or bloodless

eggs in the same cooking vessel and thus, deemed to be kosher. But balut? -No way!

Balut on Rice? Yuck!

balut on rice

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Who didn't have enough on their plate to have come up with or even want this vile, nasty-looking food item? Any other restaurant would be forced to close its doors if it was caught serving this.

Balut? I Feel Sick!


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Gee... with just a little care this one could have survived. Asian markets in the U.S. sometimes offer uncooked balut eggs, for use preparation. These are boiled at home in the same fashion as the usual hard-boiled egg and then eaten while still warm.

This is a 'bad' Balut? Hmm, Hard to Tell

balut (chicken embryo cooked in the eggshell

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Just when I thought it wasn't going to get any nastier, a less gross balut is an under-grown or under-prepared egg that is deemed to be sub-standard and unacceptable. It still looks rather vile to me. Pass the Pepto please, -the scrambled egg sandwich I had for lunch has been ramming me in the back of the throat now for several minutes and this boy is going to be sick!

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