Hottest Auto Accessories: Lamborghini-style Vertical Door Kits

More popular than the gull wing style door popularized in the Back to the Future Delorean car which by design in a crowded parking lot, deny you exit or entry to your vehicle, the Lambo-style door is actually rather useful. We just saw one recently. Let me tell you all about it.

The week before school started my wife and I took our son over to The Beaches on the north of shore of Lake Ontario, here in Toronto. The area is very stylish with quaint little shops, unique retailers and cozy dining. Coffee shops are on almost every

corner with sidewalk vendors under umbrellas and parasols that sell all manner of fashion clothing, handmade jewelry and curios. Around this neighborhood it is common to see high-end luxury and performance cars parked in front of the best outdoor cafés and coffeehouses. People come not just to see, but to be seen.

Well, on our end-of-summer vacation visit to the beach we saw something truly inspired; a tricked-out car sporting amazing doors that open vertically! It is a company car, a fine stretch limousine but what makes it amazing is that it has doors that open like an Italian Lamborghini automobile! The doors on it open and close vertically! I couldn't believe what I was looking at!

Lambo-Limo : Vertical Doors on a Limousine

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I took several snapshots of this unique car that had the tricked-out doors. The doors were open for display and the car was poised for attention. Other people were admiring the car almost in passing as if this is a common sight. Maybe it is for this area of the city but it sure gave me a thrill.

Limousine With Vertical Lamborghini-style Doors : Front View

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I did some research on the Internet and found at least one aftermarket jobber that offers this conversion as a kit. These are bolt-on doors that are created specifically for the make and model of car that you own now. While you might think that only ultra-expensive cars like Aston Martin, BMW, and Lexus etc. are the cars that these aftermarket doors are made for (and they do,) they list option kits for more common makes such as Chrysler, Subaru, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Ford and more.

These vehicle-specific vertical door kits have hinges with pre-drilled holes that will match your specific car's make & model and attach with a minimum of time,the site claims.

Installation items included with the door kits are powered gas shocks (to prevent you from getting injured opening or closing the door,) wiring harness extensions and all mounting hardware and instructions for your type of car. Some models of car may require modification to the fender, quarter-panels

and possibly floorboard contact to accommodate these doors I might think. A professional installer that has experience in customized auto work may be required in many instances. The manufacturer of these doors has a Tech Department that can guide you with information as to these requirements.

These vertical door kits are only practical on driver/front passenger entries. If they were to be used on rear doors of a 4-door vehicle they doubtlessly would obscure and possibly collide with the front doors similarly configured. Perhaps an arrangement for the back doors to swing upwards but pivot towards the rear of the car would be an option. That might be too ostentatious for even the most hardened aftermarket car modeler. Lambo-doors on the back of a 4-door automobile? Suicide vertical doors, -what do you think?

Probably the only limitations to the vertical Lambo-style door might be parking garages with low ceilings, carports and roll-away doors in home garages and so forth. Advantages are immediate though here in the city, as often parking spaces have far too little room between parked cars. Bangs, bumps and scratches are unfortunately, fairly common. Doors that open vertically (and the slide-away doors of mini-vans, etc.) are more forgiving for distances between parked cars.

Your Car is Your Personality and Your Style

Your vehicle should reflect your personality and yes, even social status. Attracting attention as you roll through the business district and your local neighborhood if a good feeling, if that is your thing. These vertical door kits for your special weekender or show-car could be a notable reflection of your style.

I would love to have a set of these mounted on our car, a modest Saturn Ion. We would likely be one of the very few to have such a novelty installed on such a utilitarian model vehicle. What statement would we be making with this? Our statement would be that this is our style and that's the way we roll.

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