Mini Radio Controlled (rc) Helicopters

For entry-level into radio-controlled helicopters, there are units available in big box stores generally for under twenty dollars. These are mini helicopters that can be held in your hand and are safe for indoor flights. Their lightweight construction means that even in the eventuality of collision and crash, nothing gets damaged and the cost factor makes these an affordable option for a recreational RC (radio controlled) toy.

I have seen a version of mini RC helicopter built to resemble a fantasy dragonfly. It has large yellow eyes for the forward cockpit and body which totally screams insect! Even the propeller blades

are made to look like dragonfly wings with veins and suggestive shape.

The ultra-mini helicopters are not overly sophisticated, and they lack certain aesthetics of larger models but affordability and practicality reign. For under .00 you can have a fun and interesting indoor flying toy and decide for yourself if you want to graduate to a larger and more expensive outdoor model and do some serious flying.

Indoor RC Helicopter Toys

RC helicopter

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There are larger and more expensive models for the serious hobbyist that are more the size of a loaf of bread yet still, these are scaled version of the larger of the actual craft. For the would-be pilot, radio-controlled helicopters can be the next best thing to actually flying one yourself. The larger ones can even carry a miniature camera to send live feed back to the ground to give you're the feeling of actually flying from the cockpit of the craft. If you are flying the larger models, imagine video-taping your flight and showing the film to your aviation-enthusiast friends!

Hovering Mini RC Helicopter

RC helicopter

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I have seen enthusiasts with their mini helicopters flying in the park and doing some impressive stunts. These people probably started out with the more familiar flying airplanes.

I had a COX PT19 trainer when I was a teenager. Those were powered by a special aviation fuel and manually controlled by twin strings that connected to a handle by which you controlled the plane's pitch. Basically it was uncontrolled flight in a circle, around and around until the plane ran out of fuel and you glided to a relatively safe landing.

A larger Fuel-powered Mini RC Helicopter

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Helicopter on Patrol

RC helicopter and RC helicopter

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The indoor mini RC helicopters are completely battery-powered of course, no exhaust fumes. So how about it? Do you want to be that annoying cubicle neighbor with the snoop eye-in-the-sky mini RC helicopter? Go for it!

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