One Little Loophole And Woman Stakes Ownership Claim To The Sun

A Spanish woman has filed ownership to the Sun.

Quick someone, -call Walt Disney! Mickey Mouse is loose!!

Yes, someone has indeed filed a claim of ownership on Sol, our sun. The Sun represents just over 98% of the mass of the entire solar system and it is a curious fact that nobody has ever ‘claimed’ any of it. Well, she has. And she intends to send us the bill for its use.

Can Someone ‘Own’ a Sun?

A 49 year old Spanish woman named Angles Duran was apparently was aware of organizations that allow people to name and register stars in

the heavens (and real estate/mineral rights to acreage on the ocean floor, the Moon and Mars!) suddenly realized that nobody has claimed ownership of the nearest star, our Sun. She allegedly filed a claim of ownership with a notary just like filing a mineral claim like a ‘gold strike.’

Legally, she does actually have the right to claim un-claimed mineral or energy sources. Realistically, this won’t stand. It would be of course, unenforceable.

That hole in the ozone has apparently cooked her noodle as she intends to bill all of use for the rights of use of ‘her’ claim.

She contends that half of the money derived from the Sun’s radiant heat and light will be slated to aid the Spanish government, another 20% will fund that country’s pension fund, and some 10% to alleviate world hunger.


of yeah, -a paltry 10% of the commission would be for her own use which since the dawn of mankind would make her balloon payment share oh, -I dunno, …about a hundred billion quadrillion bagillion dollars (inflation-adjusted, mind you.)

This so far only accounts for 90% of her expected revenue from this cash-cow we lovingly call ‘The Sun.’ There is still some 10% of potential income that has not been earmarked for use. So if you’ve got a pork barrel project like raising Atlantis or creating an island nation in the middle of that big expanse called the Pacific Ocean, now is your time to woo her patronage.

Angles Duran (owner of The Sun) cites that this is a fantastic way for humans to ‘do things right’ for the planet. A way to get things funded for the betterment of humankind alike. And you know what? It makes far more sense to me than that ‘buying carbon credits’ crap that we hear about.

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