Toronto Man Dies From Crossbow Incident In Public Library

A Toronto, Ontario man is shot and killed in a Public Library by a crossbow-wielding assailant.

December 2nd, witnesses across the street from the Public Library located at Gerrard and Main Streets in the city of Toronto, Canada, said a man exited the library and calmly got into a U-Haul truck and drove away. He was carrying a conspicuous object that looked  like a weapon of some sort. It resembled a rifle.

Thinking that something was not right about this, quick thinking bystanders jotted down the licence plate number of the motorist as he calmly drove away in the

rented moving van.

Upon entering the library to inquire as to what they had just witnessed, the story unfolded. There was panic in the library. “A man got hit” the librarian reported. People were being ushered out of the library through the back exits to avoid the traumatizing event that had just occurred.

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A crossbow is a ancient Middle-Ages weapon. It is a tool of warfare that fires a projectile much like an archery arrow, but typically with much greater force. A crossbow is accurate at distance of up to 40-metres (approx. 131-ft.) making it a very lethal weapon.

Shot by a Crossbow

The victim was a man in his 40s. He was shot in the back with the weapon, and was pronounced dead from his injury. The alleged assailant, a man in his 30s, was apprehended by OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) in the east-end of the city about an hour later and is currently being questioned

by provincial police. So far, no charges have been laid.

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Motives for the untoward attack are not known at this time.

The part of downtown Toronto where the seemingly random attack took place is heavily populated and hosts a school near the library. Children play in this immediate region of the city. Residents are stunned that such an act took place in such a metropolitan and residential neighborhood.

Crossbows in Canada

In the Canadian province of Ontario, crossbows are legal to own for hunting. Using a crossbow in the commission of a crime is not unheard of in Canada. Back in 2009, a 6-hour standoff occurred whereby a 42-year old Montreal man held police in a 6-hour standoff, armed with a crossbow.

The investigation of the incident at the Public Library is ongoing as of this report.

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